Wonderup Tablets Wonderup Tablets: firms and increases your breast naturally

The most complete natural product for breast enhancement and beauty

The best herbs and medicinal plants traditionally used for centuries and studied by scientific research for their beneficial properties are now at the service of all women who want to gain both cup sizes and health!

The best of the Mediterranean and Chinese herbal tradition in a natural dietary supplement that not only tones and enhances the breast, but also helps in all the female problems associated with the menstrual cycle, PMS and menopause.

  • How does Wonderup act? Simple: thanks to the high content in phytoestrogens of the plants selected as its components
  • What are phytoestrogens? They are not hormones, but plant substances similar to human hormones that can help balance the hormonal production of the body
  • How do they act on the breast? Because the breast is the main receptor for female hormones (estrogens).

If the breast is not well developed, it can be mostly due to even minimal hormonal deficiencies or imbalances which may have occurred during growth. A lack which can be remedied by taking Wonderup! No overdose of hormones! Indeed, the phytoestrogens in the herbs in Wonderup even help protect from toxic hormones which can damage the breast tissue and lead to the development of cancer forms. Phytoestrogens in fact stimulate the production of good hormones, thus blocking the absorption of harmful hormones. Even if you don’t need to enhance your breast, protect it with the balancing action of phytoestrogens and help your body cope better with PMS, menopause and menstrual irregularities.

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With Wonderup you gain not only in beauty but also in wellbeing: try it now! In 4 weeks you’ll see the first results (successful in over 90% cases). And you’ll feel better!

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A natural solution for all women: Wonderup is a natural product that not only increases breast size, but also uplifts, shapes, and tones the female breast.
Its unique combination of herbs, with their beneficial actions on the body’s natural production of hormones for the breast growth process, is the simple secret of its amazing effects in enlarging and toning your bust. We have selected only the best of these herbs and included them in a rich formula that you won’t find in any other product on the market.

You don’t need to go through the costs, risks and pain of implant surgery when there is a safe, effective, inexpensive and much more beneficial alternative! These herbs will not only give you a more voluptuous figure, they will also have positive side effects on your whole wellbeing!

What is in Wonderup? Wonderup is a blend of organically grown herbs. It’s all natural. There are no chemicals in this product. It works with your body chemistry simply, safely and naturally. It contains only selected ingredients and foods:

greek hay, fennel, soy, hops, galega, verbena, ginseng, gingko biloba, alfalfa, milk thistle, carrot, barley (selected mainly for their high content of phytoestrogens) and finally bee pollen e rose hip, the specific properties which are useful to the overall effectiveness of the mixture. Acting in synergistic combination of these natural ingredients are useful to promote firmness of the breast tissue with a favorable effect on the female hormonal.

How do these herbs act as breast enhancers? These natural ingredients have been traditionally used for beauty and breast enhancement in many cultures throughout the world, and for stimulating the production of mother’s milk. Their effect on the development of the breast is due precisely to this action, called “galactogogue property”, and to the phytoestrogens contained in them. Phytoestrogens are hormone-like substances contained in plants, ie. They’re similar to but weaker than human estrogens. They act by regulating the body’s hormonal production and by making good estrogens available to the receptor cells in the mammary glands of the breast, thus promoting its natural growth process, adding size and fullness to the bust. (NOTE: they are not synthetic hormones or human hormones, they’re only plant substances also found, to lesser degree, in common foods we eat everyday like cereals, legumes, tubers, etc.).

In addition, phytoestrogens are currently under study by medical researchers for their possibly beneficial properties in treating PMS and menopausal symptoms such as mood swings and hot flashes; many women in menopause use them as a more natural and beneficial alternative to chemical estrogen-replacement therapy. They have shown remarkable properties in helping prevent the risk of breast and prostate cancer and promoting general wellbeing. For many women now, surgery does not offer a safe and affordable solution to achieving a fuller, firmer, and more beautiful bust line. Breast implants are not only expensive but also present too many health hazards for women who both care for their figure and their health and harmony. The natural step to an improved figure and a better health of the breast and of the whole body is through hormone balancing.

Studies and research

Numerous studies and research accredit the validity of ingredients of Wonderup Tablets.
Thanks to ’high quality of the formulation and its proven effects in recent years have been developed a large number of targeted research on the ingredients that compose it.

Hereinafter we take some of them, made by experts on the validity of the active principles that make up the ’unique and unparalleled formula of Wonderup tablets.

Accessory parts between phytoestrogens and mammary glands

Phytoestrogens are fundamental in Wonderup because the purely natural ingredients that make up its formula are equipped with a high estrogenic power.
The most significant estrogenic characteristics of phytoestrogens are be able to operate as endogenous estrogens by facilitating the natural development of the mammary glands. In the early periods of fetal life of the epithelial cells determined by the epidermis of the area that was then transformed into the aureole, it multiplies the mesenchyme.

. In the human being take form up to 20 ducts that develop to become the ones connected with the nipple and that relate to the surface. These conduits are leased in a set of myoepithelial cells also intended to be used for the spill of breast milk. In the periods following the maternity the extremes of hidden conduits are strengthened in order to form the alveolar structure and begins a modest secretory activity.

The results of this activity on the breast become concrete after a period that varies from 1 to 7 weeks. Consequently, in the absence of estrogen and progesterone from the placenta, the breast returns to an inactive phase with a small amount of dispersed ducts. Such a regression can not improve until several months after birth.

In several species there is a morphological difference during embryonic development of the excretory duct system. In humans it shows how a histological or functional difference in the breasts of girls and even boys antecedently the ’age of development. With the increased secretion of ovarian estrogen derived with the extension and expansion of the ducts and menarche earlier conforms the female breast. Additional growth occurs with a cyclic behavior and with a certain regression that occurs at the end of each cycle. The increase in the mammary gland is under hormonal control that has a multi functional reciprocity with the ovaries and pituitary gland.

The range of activities of estrogen, progesterone and gluco corticoids, insulin, growth hormone and thyroid is completely synergic. Studies on the subrogation endocrine gland demonstrate that ovarian estradiol becomes critical in the main preconditions for growth and elongation of the mammary ducts during the 'age of development and also lobule alveolar development during pregnancy. The results of breast augmentation generated by estrogen becomes evident when the pituitary gland work properly.

Estrogens may therefore contribute to the development of breast mammary glands for by working on endocrine-mediated action on the hypothalamic / pituitary / gonadal axis. the growth of the cells is also controlled by prolactin and progesterone as the ability to breastfeed is influenced by prolactin. Estrogen remain inoperative in the absence of pituitary hormones.

Estrogen prepares the breast for the possible formation of milk and they act as inhibitors of breastfeeding by acting as antagonists of prolactin. This occurs when high levels of circulating estrogen and progesterone that mean that the woman does not generate milk during pregnancy and the rapid retreat of these hormones once finished the pregnancy makes the real start of lactation. Estrogens also act as balancers for prolactin receptors in the breast thin tissue.

Interest and importance of phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are a set of non-steroidal components of the plant that can behave as estrogen and that develop in a natural way in most of the plants, of fruits and vegetables in general. Despite the ability to bind to estrogen receptors, phytoestrogens are much weaker than human estrogen.

There are three main types of phytoestrogens : isoflavones, lignans and coumestrans. There are more than 1,000 kinds of isoflavonoids but more usually analyzed are genistein and daidzein, which are also those with the highest estrogenic activity. They are found in legumes such as soy, chickpeas, clover, lentils and beans. The isoflavones are also found in glucose and when they are assimilated by humans, are enzymatically cleaved into the active form in the stomach. The metabolism of phytoestrogens varies from person to person, and it also seems that there is an inequality as regards sex, because women metabolize more effectively.

Very recent controlled clinical studies have demonstrated the effect of phytoestrogens on both metabolic bone chain and on the symmetric collagen, confirming their possible use as a response to the expectations of women to improve the trophic appearance and elasticity ’of the breast.

In this sense it can be considered an action orally flanked by an action associated to topical treatments of aesthetic type, rather than as a support for traditional cosmetic surgery, so as to improve both the compliance that the beneficial durability. We must have in mind that the skin of the breast is exposed to a persistent modification due to multiple reasons such as diets, pregnancy, hormonal changes, breast-feeding and age.

The most evident consequence is the loss of elasticity and the epidermal consequential relaxation of the breast that does not have a real support structure but only a high collagen content. It is evident the importance of countering the slowdown in the production chain of collagen caused by age-related decline in estrogen or increase their presence in the younger subjects to achieve a tonic effect and florid of the breast itself.