Wonderup Cream Wonderup Cream

The new production technologies

With the aim of constant ameliorative search quality and functionality of our products, we have developed an innovative manufacturing process. All our emulsions are created using dermo similar microencapsulated oils in sponges of polyacrylic acid, in a high vacuum, at room temperature. The biggest advantage of this method is in any way not alter the thermolabile substances, such as vitamins and other valuable active substances and exploit its healing properties.
This has allowed us, for example, to achieve a considerable improvement rheological and functional. Some exclusive features are:

  • Realization cold without causing any alteration of the functional substances thermolabile
  • Increased by about 20 times the compactness of the texture, through the high-vacuum triphasic technology
  • The use of micro sponges (better oxidation resistance and appearance). This particular chemical structure as well as retain the oleos phase, exclusively composed of natural oils with affinity for the skin, increases the time of transfer of the active substances and therefore of their penetration, with the aim to obtain the best functional results
  • Total absence of comedogenic formations, which in some exceptional cases could occur with the use of the traditional formulations based on hydrocarbons (Vaseline and paraffin)
  • Our formulations are always accompanied by a complete toxicological analysis and a card of personal safety
  • Have not been tested on animals
  • They do not contain sensitizing fragrances
  • They do not contain chemical preservatives
  • They contain only natural functional ingredients.
More informations

Today there are several products on the market that could produce results similar in appearance, however, nothing is further from the truth. The following are some of the reasons for which Wonderup Cream is different from other cosmetics on the market.

Why use Wonderup Cream

1. Fast result, permanent and reliable

Efficacy and rapid effects must be the priority in the evaluation of a product for breast augmentation. Thousands of customers worldwide have already experienced the benefits of Wonderup Cream and have achieved incomparable results. Nevertheless, it will be possible obtain not only a breast most consistent but also more sensuous breasts, rounded, firmer and symmetrical.

2. High evaluation from the Customers

Naturdieta has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world thanks to the quality of the results obtained after using Wonderup Cream. The Wonderup treatment only provided benefits to our customers. We receive daily testimonies from customers who describe to us their positive experiences with the cream for breast enhancement Wonderup.

3. From a serious company an incomparable product

With the amount of products that are offered online, it is important to inquire about the companies that produce them and propose. In the case of Wonderup Cream, us of Wonderup Sagl with the Naturdieta line products are able to provide an exclusive cosmetic product that was developed after years of experience and research.

Naturdieta is proud of the prestige gained worldwide for having been the first company in the treatment of breast enlargement without surgery. We have also achieved years of experience assisting the needs of our thousands of customer.

4. Company Guaranteed and certified quality

Wonderup Cream has been developed and manufactured according to the quality systems that ensure the highest pharmaceutical quality to our creams. All our laboratories use modern techniques during the extraction, preparation, packaging and labeling of our product. What better guarantee of quality you can find? Do not wait and order Wonderup Cream now.

5. Real testimonials from our customers

We receive many testimonials from customers who tell us their positive experience in using Wonderup Cream.
Within the team of experts who follow everything concerning Wonderup Cream, we are really proud of the enormous success of our product. We thank all our customers who have sent us their testimonies without any solicitation or request from us informing that they are very happy and satisfied with the improvements that have verified at all levels.

6. Secure order and confidential

If you order with a credit card or cash on delivery or bank transfer, your order will be secure and confidential. We use high quality programs to ensure that your data is safe. The details of your credit card will be safe thanks to our protection programs. We do not sell your email address and contact information so we apply the Law of Data Protection.

7. Back guarantee

We are so sure of the results that you can achieve with Wonderup Cream that we offer the chance to try the product by returning the money if you are not satisfied with the results. What better guarantee can be offered?

8. Attention to Customers

We have a great team of experts in order to help you every need in order to resolve any any doubts or questions you might have. You can write to info@naturdieta.com about any doubt.

9. Shipping fast and efficiently

Thanks to the wide network of offices logistic Bartolini courier with whom we collaborate throughout Europe, we are able to offer a professional, fast and efficient service to all our customers.
All orders are shipped the day we receive the order and carry out the shipment of the product to the nearest office so that your order arrives as quickly as possible.

10. Confidential shipping

All orders are delivered discretely in such a way that it would be impossible to know the contents of the package, nor any reference to the product is visible on the outside of the package.