Wonderup Cream Wonderup Cream: firms and tones your breasts naturally

Would you like to have larger breasts and firmer?

Are you tired of squander money on products that do not give results? Wonderup Cream is for breast enhancement the most effective cosmetic on the market. Our product is formulated with specific ingredients to stimulate growth of all-natural as that experienced during puberty, and that allows you to get breast enlargement in as much volume as in form.

Wonderup Cream contains natural plant extracts structured specifically to stimulate and acquire breast growth similar to that obtainable during puberty.
What determines the size of the breast? During puberty the female body that is responsible for the development of breast tissue produces estrogen and naturally the pituitary gland produces hormones that determine the shape and size of the female breast. Unbalanced hormones can negatively affect the growth and development of the breast.

When women ending the period of puberty, their body stops producing the majority of substances that determine the growth of the breast, such as estrogen, thus ending the cycle of growth. Thanks to its exclusive formula, you can achieve a growth of breast tissue and also have bigger breasts and firmer, and also you can get a better balance and regulation of hormones that contribute to women’s health.

More informations

When will I see the first results

The majority of our customers occurs the first results after using Wonderup Cream for 2 weeks. With constant use, and the passing of the days you can see how your breasts will continue in change, becoming larger, firm and shapely.

100% safe and natural base

The technical innovation, the constant search for new methods of production and natural substances most modern, have always been our fixed points. With our innovative production systems, we were able to eliminate from all of our products:

  • Preservatives
  • Chemical dyes
  • Perfumes or skin-sensitizing substances.

The exclusive natural formula of Wonderup Cream which will result an increase in the shapes doing also regain breast firmness.


Each component is specifically developed for acting quickly and effectively in order to achieve a unique and incomparable achievement: firming and breast augmentation.



Aqua-Glyceryl Staerate-Peg 100 Stearate- Octlyl Octaanoate- Cetaeryl Isononanoate- Staric Acid- Glycerin- Soybean Protein-Oxido Reductase-Butyruspermum Partii-Triticum Vulgare-Buxus Chinensis-Olea Europea-Prunus Dulcis-Dimethicone-Humulus Lipulus-Arnica Montana-Ginkgo Biloba-Commiphora Mirra-Cera Alba-Persea Gratissima-Rethynil Palpitate -Tocopheryl Acetate-Galium Verum-Imidazolidinyl Urea-Bha-Bht-Disidium Edta-Methylparaben-Ethylparaben-Propylparaben-Buthy-


Water-Glyceryl Staerate-Peg 100 Stearate-Octyl Octanoate-Cetearyl Isononanoate-Staric Acid-Gliceryn-Soybean Protein (and) Oxido Reductase-karitè Shea Butter-Wheat Germ Oil-Jojoba Oil-Dimethicone-Hopp Female Infiorescens-Harmful Flowers-(Ginkgo Biloba) Leaves-Mirrh Tree Resin-Beeswax-Avocado Refined Oil-Vitamine A Palpitate Powder-Imidazolinidinyl Urea-Bha-Bht-Disodium Edta-Methylpara-ben (and)-Ethylparaben (and)-Propylparaben (and)-Buthyl-paraben.

Ingredients characteristic

Soya - Shea Butter - Jojoba Oil - Avocado - Ginkgo - Unsaponifiables Olive Oil - Hops - Arnica - Beeswax - Ginkgo Biloba - Myrrh - Wheat Germ Oil - Sweet Almond Oil - Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

How presents itself

Wonderup Cream is a cosmetic product and comes in creamy form. The contents of the package is 200 cc.

The holder of the formulation

Wonderup S.A.G.L.- Naturdieta via Giulia n. 43 - 6855 Stabio - Canton Ticino (Ch).

Allergy testing

The allergy testing have been carried out by the University of Pavia.

Why do use

Dermo cosmetic firming for the breast. The plant compounds including compounds with antioxidant and anti-free radicals, are valid to defend the body and the tasks of the epithelial tissue partially balancing the thinning of the epidermis and the reduction in the composition of new biological units that are the cause of the formation of roughness.

How to use this cosmetic

How to use: apply the cream and massage with circular movements for better absorption. When and for how long: apply the cream on the breast and body and let absorb and massage with circular movements. Apply daily, preferably twice daily.

Effects due to suspension of treatment

No effect.

Shelf life and storage

Do not use the product after the expiry date (Shelf life 1 year from the opening of the package).

How is produced Wonderup Cream

Natural personal care with high functionality

The technical innovation, the constant search for new methods of production and natural substances most modern, have always been our fixed points. With our innovative production systems, we were able to eliminate from all of our products:

  • Preservatives
  • Chemical dyes
  • Perfumes or skin-sensitizing substances
  • Animal tests.

All our products are to be considered hypoallergenic and specifically for beauty treatments with high functionality, born of professional experience. Ideal to complete and maintain the action of the treatments carried out in the institute, extremely effective (because they use the same active ingredients professional) to be used even at home.

Use at your own home products with the same active ingredients that are placed in professional treatment, in high concentration for maximum effectiveness, allows both the maintenance of the results obtained that an effective aesthetic improvement, in a shorter time. That's why every Naturdieta line formulation is accompanied by an exhaustive technical data sheet where they are listed in quantitative formula all the active ingredients and their functionality.

Maximum clarity for the utmost seriousness

The functional substances have been tested by studies at accredited structures, universities, hospitals, research centers, which have proven the actual efficiency. Our method provides for the possibility to have a product targeted to successfully treat any skin imperfection.

The Naturdieta team natural cosmetics have always had the utmost respect for the Customer. We cut all the additional expenses (advertising, luxury packaging, representatives) that normally occur in the production and marketing of a cosmetic line for the treatment of home maintaining, being able to offer, with direct distribution, excellent products at very low cost.